Everything you need to know about sparkling water tap

Trendy coffee shops nowadays are serving espressos with sparkling water. This is because sparkling water is a refreshing drink to be enjoyed at all times. However, what brings the “spark” to plain water to make it “sparkling”? What about the sparkling water tap? How does it work?

A simple explanation of sparkling water

Plain tap water becomes “bubbly” or carbonated when the addition of pressurised carbon dioxide gas converts it to a carbonated drink. The “fizz” in sparkling water makes it a healthier carbonated drink option compared to other carbonated drinks such as sodas.

Converting plain water taps to a sparkling water tap

The use of CO2 canisters is the usual route for adding carbon dioxide to plain water taps. The installation of CO2 canisters in residential or commercial water taps provides an instantaneous sparkling water tap.

The method of utilising CO2 canisters to a plain water tap involves the following steps, to include:

  • Water filters containing activated carbon is the initial passage of plain tap water
  • The 0.2 microns size of the filters ensure doing away with unhealthy parasites and particles such as lead from plain tap water
  • Adding in carbonation is the final step to convert plain water to produce bubbly and refreshing sparkling water straight from the tap

Sparkling water systems

Units underneath the bench are the usual models and types of sparkling water systems. The sparkling water under-bench types include features such as CO2 canisters, integrated safety switches, water filters, and temperature controls.

The taps come in a wide variety of styles. This is to enable users the option to combine regular cold and hot water taps with sparkling taps to produce their desired water temperatures.

The available sparkling taps in the market today include:

  • Touch-sensitive taps to dispense sparkling, boiled, and chilled water
  • Trigger the aeration of the carbon canisters through lever systems

Sparkling water taps come in several finishes, to include:

  • Matte
  • Chrome
  • Black matte
  • Brushed chrome

The wide variety of sparkling tap styles and colours enable users to achieve the perfect sparkling water system to suit taste, preference, and lifestyle.

Ways to maintain the chosen sparkling water system

The CO2 canisters need to be replaced once you’ve run out of sparkling water. Changing the CO2 canisters is quick and easy and the steps to do so include:

  • Turning off the regulator and CO2 bottle
  • Running the tap empty by dispensing all the remaining sparkling water
  • Removing the used and empty CO2 bottle
  • Fitting a new CO2 bottle
  • Reconnecting the regulator

Updating water filters should be done regularly. Some sparkling water companies include the maintenance of the sparkling water systems of their various clients. This is a great service to take advantage of that frees you from worrying about the proper maintenance of your sparkling water tap system.

Sparkling water health benefits

Carbonated mineral-rich drinking water has been seen by the ancient Romans to be beneficial to health. The healthy minerals retained by the sparkling water filters include:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Zinc

Numerous studies have discovered health benefits provided by sparkling water, to include:

  • Hydration
  • Helps to dispel tummy issues
  • Helps cardiovascular diseases

Enjoying a refreshing and healthy drink any time and all the time straight from the tap is the top benefit provided by the installation of sparkling water taps.