How to fold the sheets with corners

Have you ever heard of the Marie Kondo method on how to fold sheets with corners? Marie Kondo is a Japanese writer with experience in home economics. His best seller that explains the Marie Kondo method, has been translated into various languages ​​and in Italy came out with the title “The magical power of reordering”. In 2015 it was included in the list of the most influential personalities from The Times, and in January 2019 Netflix aired the television series “Let’s order with Marie Kondo” where it explains this philosophy of life. Before going into the Marie Kondo method on how to fold sheets with corners,

let’s see in more detail on what principles the philosophy of Marie Kondo for home management is based. The method combines elements of Zen philosophy with minimalism and helps us to have a reasoned approach to the objects we have at home. It is not just a matter of tidying up and throwing away everything that is not needed, but also thanking every object for its usefulness and for the service it has offered us over the years.

According to Marie Kondo the reorganization of the house should not be done according to the rooms but according to the categories, for example: clothes, shoes, linen etc. Before tidying up the house it is necessary to get rid of everything that no longer serves us and which creates disorder, to decide what to throw away it is good to rely on our feelings. When we realize that an object does not give us more pleasure, let’s take it in hand and thank it for the service it has given us over the years and then throw it, in this way our house will only have objects that give us happiness.