How to have a perfect home: the 10 tips that will change.

What to do to have a home that is always perfect and neat? Obviously, it’s not enough just to do the cleaning and fix it up every now and then: the problem is keeping it in the same state for a long time. But it’s not always easy : with the hectic super everyday days, the time to clean and fix the house is always short. But if we are careful and begin to follow some advice, we will be able to reach the goal of having a house that is always perfect and orderly. Let’s find out more! The 10 tips for a perfect home

• Goodbye carpets! Here is the first tip for a very clean home: remove carpets from all rooms. But, since this may seem impossible because the carpets work with home decorating, it is important to slam them almost every day to eliminate mites and dust. • Drain cleaning. Simple and fast: to have clean sinks, without bad smells and to avoid traffic jams, we pour a little water and vinegar in every sink in the house and let it work all night long.

• Clean the hob NOW. Never put it off. If you have cooked and dirtied even the hob with a little water or coffee, take a cloth and clean it immediately. After each time the hob is used, it should be cleaned with a natural detergent or one that does not spoil the aluminum. Same thing for the oven!

Farewell limestone! The formation of limescale on the walls of the shower or bathtub should be avoided. To do this you need to dry them immediately after washing.

• Clean your shoes. When entering the house it is advisable to take off your shoes immediately, or clean them at the entrance on washable rugs, and wear comfortable slippers. A trick that seems trivial, but can make a difference.